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Ellens Intimate Care School

Intimate Care School

Intimate care school

Ellen’s Intimate Care School

Most women will experience intimate health problems at some point in life. Many women live monthly with recurring problems such as vaginal yeast infections or foul-smelling discharge. Unfortunately, the majority will never seek help because they lack knowledge about intimate health problems or because it feels embarrassing…

In a survey from 2019, 78% of the women felt that there was not enough information about intimate health. And, that the subject is still taboo.

With the Intimate Care School, we therefore want to inform and encourage women and girls to get to know their intimate area by offering easily accessible information about intimate health. One of Ellen’s goals is that you as a woman should know the difference between common intimate problems and know how to avoid them, not to feel bad unnecessarily. Last but not least, we want to inspire you to take care of your vagina and intimate health, in the best way. That’s why we developed the Intimate Care Guide – your handbook when it comes to intimate care.


The period

The vagina & vulva

The menopause

Imbalance & discomfort