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Probiotics & Prebiotics

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that gives a health promoting effect when added to the body. Probiotics usually consist of bacteria. In the human body, the good bacteria can be found on the skin, in the intestines and in the intimate area of women. Probiotics can consist of different bacterial strains and therefore have different health-promoting effects. For example, the probiotics that exist in the intestines are not the same as those in the intimate area of women. To be able to promote a product as probiotic, it is required that beneficial health effects have been shown in studies and that the same amount of living bacteria that was used in study is present in the product.



A healthy female vagina is dominated by lactic acid bacteria, so called probiotics. These help to create an acidic environment by producing lactic acid, in this way the low pH in the vagina is maintained. During certain phases of life, the risk of getting an unbalanced pH in the vagina will be higher, for example during menstruation, after a treatment with antibiotics or during pregnancy. A higher vaginal pH will make it easier for unwanted bacteria to cause irritation and discomfort as it is a more favorable environment for them. By adding probiotics you can support the intimate area to maintain the natural pH balance.


Ellen has two probiotic products: ellen® Probiotic Tampon and ellen® Probiotic Cream. These contain Ellen’s active probiotic mixture Lacto Naturel (LN) that is made of the same natural lactic acid bacteria that can be found in a healthy vagina. Lacto Naturel (LN) is a blend of three probiotic lactic acid bacterial strains:

  • Lactobacillus gasseri LN40
  • Lactobacillus fermentum LN99
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus LN113

What are prebiotics?

Prebiotics are substances that create a favorable environment for the good, probiotic bacteria. For example, prebiotics can act as nutrition or food for the good bacteria or disrupt the growth of unwanted bacteria, so that the good bacteria have more space to grow.


Prebiotic intimate care

Ellen’s intimate care series consists of three prebiotic products: ellen® Prebiotic intimate cleansing foam, ellen® Prebiotic intimate deo spray and ellen® Prebiotic after shave and wax gel, these should be used either on the external intimate area or in the groin. The prebiotics in the products boost the skin’s good bacteria, reduce irritation and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Ellen’s prebiotics are carefully selected based on studies that have shown that they disturb the unwanted bacteria. In this way, a more favorable environment is created for the good bacteria to grow in.

What are lactic acid bacteria?

Lactic acid bacteria is a collective name for bacteria that form lactic acid. When the microorganisms break down sugar, lactic acid is formed, which contributes to the low pH value of the vagina. There are many different types of lactic acid bacteria, these are divided into different strains and have different properties. The lactic acid bacteria found in yogurt, for example, are not the same as those found in a healthy vagina, therefore it is not a good idea, for example, to lubricate the vagina with yogurt and expect that it will help the pH balance.

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