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What is probiotic?

Probiotics is a collective name for good bacteria that are mainly found in our intestines, but also in the female intimate area. In the vagina, probiotics mostly consist of lactic acid bacteria. These help to create an pH balanced environment, in which unwanted bacteria do not thrive. The word probiotics means “for life”.

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What function does Lactic acid bacteria have in the vagina?

In a healthy vagina, Lactic acid bacteria, also called lactobacilli (of the Lactobacillus species),  are predominant. The lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid and balance the vaginal pH level so that any harmful bacteria can’t start growing. The lactic acid bacteria are therefore crucial for good intimate health. During certain periods in life, the lactic acid bacteria decrease in number, for example during menstruation, a pregnancy, after an antibiotic treatment or during menopause. It can lead to imbalance and discomfort such as itching, irritation and foul-smelling discharge.

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What pH value should the female vagina have?

The vaginal pH value in the vagina can vary between different individuals and within which part of life you are in. However, it is usually said that it should be between 4.0 – 4.4. With ellen® Vaginal pH-Control®, you can test your vaginal pH value yourself.

What should I do if my pH-value is too high or too low?

If you have a changed pH value, you should contact a gynecologist. Also pay attention if you experience any discontinued readings, such as altered discharge or a difference in your vaginal odor.

Why should you add probiotics to your intimate area?

By adding probiotics to the genitals, you can help maintain the natural pH value. A pH-balanced vagina is crucial for a good intimate health. During certain periods in life, the risk is higher that the pH value becomes unbalanced. For example, during menstruation, a pregnancy, after an antibiotic treatment or in connection with menopause.

Why are Ellen's products parfume free?

Ellen believes that a vagina should smell just like a vagina. In addition, the skin in the intimate area is extra sensitive and adding perfume can create irritation.

What does a pH-balanced vagina mean?

A pH-balanced vagina means, among other things, that you:

  • Avoid inconvenience and discomfort
  • Avoid irritation and itching
  • Avoid an vagina that smells bad
  • Promotes the good bacteria and keeps away the unwanted ones that make life boring for you and your intimate area
Why are Ellen tampons more expensive than many others?

Our tampons are a premium product and contain probiotics, so you do not pay for a regular tampon.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon contains natural lactic acid bacteria, which is normally found in the vagina and helps to keep the environment in the vagina acidic. ellen’s mixture with lactic acid bacteria (LN®) is pressed into each tampon during the manufacturing process. You can even see the probiotics with your own eyes if you open an ellen® Probiotic Tampon.

The lactic acid bacteria we add are the three most common bacterial strains that occur naturally in the abdomen and help maintain the pH value during menstruation. So an ellen® Probiotic Tampon is so much more than a regular tampon – what you pay for is the probiotic, you get the tampon for free.

I'm pregnant, can I use ellen® Probiotic Cream?

Yes, ellen® Probiotic Cream is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.