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ellen® Aqua Block Tampon

8 pieces
  • Unique tampoon with waterproof barrier
  • Prevents water from entering the vagina
  • Can help maintain the natural vaginal pH value

During menstruation, the vagina is extra sensitive and when bathing or swimming, chlorinated and contaminated water can disrupt the natural pH balance in the vagina. ellen® Aqua Block Tampon has a specially designed waterproof barrier underneath that prevents water from entering the vagina during bathing and swimming. If you experience recurring problems with irritation in the vagina, the ellen® Aqua Block Tampon can help prevent irritation during bathing. ellen® Aqua Block Tampon is of normal size but with the absorbency of a tampon of size mini to not dry out the mucous membranes in the vagina unnecessarily during short-term use.


Insert ellen® Aqua Block Tampon when you are going to bathe or swim. Remove the tampon when you are done and advantageously switch to ellen® probiotic tampon.


Viscose fiber, Soft smooth PE/PET (polyester/polyethylene), Hydrophobic cotton thread, Paraffin 0.2-0.4 g / tampon. The tampons are packed in biobased materials.

Recycle like this

1. Recycle the tampon foil as plastics
2. Recycle the user instruction as paper
3. Recycle the outer packaging as cardboard