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  • ellen vaginal pH-control
  • självtest ph värde
  • vaginalt självtest
  • pH-test ellen

ellen® Vaginal pH-Control®

5 pieces
  • Self-test for vaginal infections
  • Result after 10 seconds
  • Contains 5 tests
  • Helps you identify and prevent imbalance

A quick and easy to use self-test to control your vaginal pH value to detect imbalances in the vaginal flora early and thereby reduce the risk of itching, burning sensation, foul-smelling discharge etc.

A pH-balanced intimate area is a prerequisite for good intimate health. During certain phases in life, the pH level may become imbalanced, which can cause intimate health problems. With ellen® Vaginal pH-Control®, you can test your vaginal pH level yourself and thus identify and prevent imbalances. Can be used advantageouslyused for increased safety during pregnancy.

ellen® Vaginal pH-Control® is a CE-marked disposable medical device.


Use if you suspect imbalance or to get to know your vaginal pH value. Hold the round part between your thumb and forefinger. Insert the test strip and hold in place for 10 seconds. Take it out and compare the color of the test strip with the color scale on the package. For more instructions and information about factors that can affect the vaginal pH, please read the instructions for use.


One package contains 5 disposable test applicators for the measurement of vaginal pH-value, a user instruction and a pH color scale on the foil bag.

Recycle like this

1. Recycle the foil bag as metal
2. Recycle the test applicator as plastics
3. Recycle the user instruction as paper
4. Recycle the desiccant bag as combustible
5. Recycle the outer packaging as cardboard