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Period kit

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A complete period kit consisting of our probiotic tampons in three different sizes to match your flow throughout your entire period. The kit includes ellen® Probiotic Tampon Light, ellen® Probiotic Tampon Medium, and ellen® Probiotic Tampon Rich.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon Light: Used for light bleeding and suitable for a smaller menstrual flow, such as what you might have towards the end of your period.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon Medium: Used for light to heavy bleeding.

ellen® Probiotic Tampon Rich: Used for heavy bleeding, such as what you might experience at the beginning of your period.


Ellen’s probiotic tampons should be used just like a regular tampon. For best results, leave the tampon in for at least two hours and use at least three tampons per day. It’s important to use the correct tampon size so that it becomes adequately saturated, allowing the probiotics to distribute in the vagina. Never leave a tampon in for more than eight hours.


ellen® Probiotic Tampon contains the unique mixture Lacto Naturel (LN) which is a mix of three probiotic lactic acid bacteria strains: (L. rhamnosus LN113, L. gasseri LN40 and L. fermentum LN99). The tampon consists of viscose and the string of 100% cotton. The surface layer consists of Polyester/Polyethylene.

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